There are a number of challenges associated with running your fleet business, which is just a part of operating something with so many moving pieces. You also rely heavily on your drivers to know what they’re doing and be active problem solvers while they’re out on the roads encountering obstacles in their way. So why not give them the kind of tools they need to work most effectively?

A terrific way to do that is providing each of your drivers with the resources they need to handle issues immediately after they arise. This is where a fleet card for each driver comes in! If you’re not familiar with fleet cards, that’s OK! Essentially, a fleet card is a type of card that enables individuals to make purchases for their vehicles like fuel or maintenance. Fleet cards are common by companies that have a fleet of vehicles on the road most of the time such as trucking companies and commercial bus businesses, among many others.

A fleet card is a fantastic solution for your company and drivers alike because they are owned and maintained by the fleet’s owner and used by the drivers for optimal convenience and security — which goes for the owner as well!

In today’s blog post, Reeder Distributors Inc. will walk you through some of the fundamental advantages to using fleet cards and why you should implement fleet cards to help support your drivers and business in the long run. We, of course, offer Reeder fleet cards in order for you to fund your fleet’s fuel and vehicle maintenance needs and reap the amazing benefits at the same time. Reach out to us today to learn more!

Fleet Card Refresher

Before we dive into all the perks of using fleet cards, like the ones we offer, let’s do a quick recap of exactly what a fleet card is. They work much like a business credit card in that they allow your employees to pay for expenses such as fuel and vehicle maintenance while they’re on the road. As the business owner, you can monitor the prices, frequency of fill-ups, and control the spending. If you have a fleet of two or more vehicles, a fleet card is a great option available to you.

Fleet cards are similar to credit cards, however, this is mostly due to the user experience in that the cardholder swipes and pays for things the same, yet on the business end, you have more control of the spending than a traditional business credit card. So now that we are on the same page with what fleet cards are, let’s take a closer look at their benefits and why you should implement fleet cards into your business!

Detailed Reporting

As we alluded to earlier, there is far more control on your end as the fleet owner when it comes to information, details, and reporting of figures when the fleet cards are used by your employees compared to traditional business credit cards. Each card generally has a unique pin number and you have access to detailed reporting and cost-control restrictions, which you don’t have with credit cards.

As the owner, you have access to line-by-line reporting of details such as when and where each cardholder made a purchase. In turn, you have reduced administrative tasks. Instead of matching expense reports to receipts and organizing reimbursement checks to your drivers, this can all be tracked from the source. Beyond basic payroll, you can also monitor driver habits and see if anyone is wasteful with their fuel as well as detect underperforming vehicles.

Key Takeaways:

  • You have far more access to detailed reports of information and cost-control restrictions compared to traditional business credit cards
  • Fleet owners save administrative costs with fleet cards because you don’t have to match receipts to expense reports or spend hours cutting reimbursement checks
  • You can monitor driver habits, see if anyone is needlessly wasting fuel, and detect underperforming vehicles

Theft Control

As much as you want and have to trust your employees, there’s no denying the fact that sometimes the temptation to steal or cheat the system is too great when using business credit cards. Whereas business credit cards make it easier for employees to use them for non-work expenses, a fleet card provides you full control over what a driver purchases. Because of the breadth of information and detailed reporting at your fingertips, you can catch or prevent theft effectively.

Key Takeaways:

  • Drivers may be tempted to use business credit cards for personal expenses
  • A fleet card allows owners more control over use and spending
  • Using a fleet card can help owners catch and prevent theft

Driver Support

Your drivers count on you as the fleet owner as much as you count on them to make the business successful and profitable. Any driver who doesn’t have the support or tools they need to do their job most effectively simply will not be able to perform at the level you need them to. A fleet card provides that support and independence.

Avoid wasting time because an unforeseen situation occurs on the road for your driver, but they can’t handle the situation on their own because they need your help in order to get anything done. Or, if they have to pay out of pocket up front and then wait for reimbursement, your drivers may be encouraged to avoid fixing issues immediately only to create worse problems for your fleet vehicles down the road. Instead of all those potential hang-ups and headaches, fleet cards enable your drivers to take proactive action and act as problem solvers on the road. This is a win-win solution for each of you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your drivers rely on you as the owner for support as much as you do for them to effectively do their jobs and make a successful, profitable business
  • Drivers who don’t have necessary resources can’t be proactive or may be less inclined to handle issues up front, leaving you open to worse problems later on
  • A fleet card gives your driver the resources they need to handle complications immediately, without delay, keeping your fleet running smoothly

Vehicle Maintenance

One of the biggest expenses you’ll face as a fleet owner is the maintenance of your fleet vehicles. Spending all that time out on the road is guaranteed to create complications for the vehicles and your drivers. Fleet cards are a fantastic way to pay for maintenance on the road, avoiding delay and the potential loss of profit. A Reeder fleet card, for example, is accepted at 90 percent of the nation’s fuel stations and maintenance locations and can be adjusted for emergencies.

Beyond paying for vehicle maintenance, a fleet card allows you as the owner to track and report maintenance records to specific vehicles so that you know what vehicles were repaired or schedule preventative maintenance at consistent intervals to keep maintenance costs down while out on the road.

Key Takeaways:

  • A huge cost when operating your business is the maintenance of fleet vehicles
  • A fleet card allows your drivers to pay for maintenance when the vehicle needs it and a Reeder fleet card is accepted by 90 percent of fuel stations and maintenance locations
  • Owners can track and report which vehicles were repaired and when allowing you to set routine maintenance intervals to keep repair costs down


Due to the fact that fleet cards are so common and accepted across the country, you have tremendous options available for discounts when your drivers use the fleet card they’re assigned. Many fuel stations and maintenance locations are preferred vendors, allowing for up to 15 percent savings. It’s great for them to have the consistent business and fantastic for you to have a trustworthy place to take your fleet vehicles. Some vendors even offer 24/7 roadside assistance so your drivers have resources available to them at all times. A Reeder fleet card is accepted by more than 230,000 fuel and maintenance locations across the country.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fleet cards are common and accepted by many vendors across the country
  • A fuel or maintenance location may offer up to 15 percent savings for fleet-card users because it benefits both their business and yours
  • A Reeder fleet card is accepted by more than 230,000 locations nationwide

More Control

Like we touched on above, the level of control you’re afforded as a business owner through a fleet card is exceptional, especially when stacked against traditional business credit cards. You have the tools to authorize purchases and see account information that’s up to date. When used properly, you can eliminate fraudulent or unnecessary spending, which can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year!

As the fleet owner, you can update or manage purchase options or authorizations as you see fit, such as adding an approved vendor or increasing the spending limit for emergency situations. You can also update or change driver information, cancel a fleet card, or add driver credentials quickly and easily.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fleet cards provide business owners far more control over spending than traditional business credit cards
  • Increased control allows you as the owner to eliminate unnecessary or fraudulent spending and make adjustments over time to keep costs down
  • Quickly and easily update driver information, cancel a card, or add driver credentials thanks to the fleet card system

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And there you have it! Fleet cards are an exceptional tool for business owners and their drivers alike because of the versatility they bring the user and the extreme level of detailed reporting and control on the administrative side! We are positive that once you start using our Reeder fleet cards, your business will reap the benefits and you’ll wonder why you didn’t use them sooner. Contact us today and acquire Reeder fleet cards for your business!