If you manage a fleet, be it five vans or 1,000 18-wheelers, you’ve undoubtedly thought about your fuel consumption and management. If you have, you likely have a list of options and have weighed the pros and cons of each. Fuel is one of the major overhead operating expenses for any fleet and has the potential to result in higher costs passed along to your customers. Save money and lower your costs to increase business and support your bottom line with wholesale fuel options. Join us in today’s post as we discuss some of the reasons why wholesale fuel is a better option than continued use of retail fuel.

Before we jump right into it, let’s discuss what wholesale fuel is. Wholesale fuel is where you purchase fuel directly from the fuel supplier as opposed to pumping gas at a retail gas station. The major differences between wholesale and retail fuel are the cost to you and accessibility. Wholesale bulk fuel allows you to pay the wholesale price, whereas retail gas station fuel has an added tax and mark-up of retail. Retail fuel is arguably more accessible as it is available on nearly every street corner. However, if your fleet is on location and can fuel up at your location, the wholesale option allows you to store fuel in a storage tank on-site, able to use at any time.

At Reeder Distributors, Inc., we offer bulk diesel fuel delivery at wholesale pricing. We are more than happy to provide our customers with wholesale fuels to meet their fleet’s needs, delivered by industry pros. We’ve been delivering wholesale fuel since 1973 and can help your company’s bottom line.

Back to the topic at hand — why wholesale fuel is a better option than retail fuel.

1. Decreased downtime.

If you operate a local fleet, you can significantly reduce downtime and keep your vehicles on the road when you use onsite wholesale fuel. Your drivers can fuel up onsite before taking off and when returning to the lot. Your vehicles will always be ready to go with access to all the fuel they need, without having to make additional stops or accounting for fuel stops. When onsite fuel levels are low, you can simply call to have more delivered. The best part is, you are not reliant on a retail gas station and can manage your own fuel hours.

2. Save money.

We touched on this point a little earlier, but one of the best reasons to invest in wholesale fuel options is the price. Buying directly from the source means that you can avoid the retail mark-up price that local gas stations will charge. Additionally, you can save money by allowing your drivers to stay onsite to fuel up and decreasing downtime. You can pass this savings on to your customers and grow your client list with happy customers who aren’t’ carrying the burden of fuel costs in addition to your fleet services.

When you purchase wholesale fuel, you are dealing with one supplier, which allows you to be more involved in the pricing. Since there is a single entity between you and your fuel, you can negotiate prices a little more and request competitive pricing. For wholesale fuel delivery in Texas, contact our fuel specialists for your wholesale fuel pricing.

3. Better budgeting.

Along the same vein as saving money, even where you aren’t’ able to reduce costs, being able to better predict your fuel costs and pricing structures, you can better budget. Retail fuel prices fluctuate and are beyond your control, whereas wholesale prices stay fairly steady and you’ll know of changes in advance to allow you better budgeting. This means there are fewer budgetary oversights and you can rest assured that business will continue as expected with little deviate from cost expectations.

4. Solid relationships.

As any savvy business owner knows, relationships and networking help to build the business and supports success. When you invest in wholesale fuel delivery, you are able to build a relationship with the delivery company. You know exactly who you are contacting and you can work with them to set delivery dates and negotiate costs. Working relationships are the cornerstone of successful operations. At Reeder Distributors, we know our customers as more than just their delivery dates. We pride ourselves on being reliable and offering fair pricing for wholesale fuel options all over Texas. We are happy to work with our customers to meet their needs.

If you manage a fleet and are looking for fuel options that will optimize productivity and efficiency with less downtime and fuel emergencies, consider wholesale fuel options from Reeder Distributors, Inc. We have been providing wholesale diesel fuel to fleets all over North Texas since 1973. Contact us to discover how we can help your fleet and make fuel management easier.