I have a fleet of class 8 tractors…

I pull freight off DFW airport property. I do not have down time. When a tractor goes down, I am replacing it or renting one. I do not let freight sit at the airport. With this in mind, you can understand how appreciative I am to have been introduced to the Xtreme Diesel Program from Reeder Distributors.

Prior to 2009, I averaged one injector failure per month due to the government regulated ultra low sulphur diesel. Since switching to the Xtreme Diesel program, I have not had one fuel related injector failure. This has been one of the most impactful programs we have implemented. We have a confidence in our fuel we did not have before. Our tanks are tested and treated twice a year, and we receive a much better quality diesel.

I would recommend anyone with a fleet to just take a look at the program. It has benefitted us and we intend to stay with it.

Mike Snyder