1. DEF Delivery

    When you think diesel fuel delivery, motor oil delivery or even DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) delivery you probably think massive trucks… and you do so rightfully! Here at Reeders Distributors we feel strongly that the quality of our trucks are what boost the quality of our product delivery. As a com…Read More

  2. Diesel Fuel Delivery

    At Reeder Distributors, diesel fuel delivery comes in many different forms. One of the forms we are most proud of however, is our Xtreme diesel. The Xtreme diesel that we are certified to sell at a wholesale price comes in only the highest of quality. The distributors of this technology transformed …Read More

  3. Reeder Distrubutor

    Reeder Distributors has spent over 40 years delivering diesel fuel and motor oil, to achieve the status of the premier solution for wholesale fueling in Texas. And we’ll be honest, it was an uphill battle! But, after years of perfecting our craft, finding progressive fuel tank solutions, and locat…Read More

  4. Don’t Run Low on DEF

    Reeder distributors are Texas’ and Oklahoma’s go-to, reliable fuel distributor. We service the whole state of Texas as well as Oklahoma. We also deliver DEF, or diesel exhaust fluid so that you’ll never run low of your supply. Starting in 2010 the government mandated the use of DEF for diesel …Read More