At Reeder Distributors, we are a full-service truck supply company, and we mean full service! We know that if you have a fleet, it means you have much more than just a truck — you’ve got employees, trucks, and a lot of responsibility. To save money and improve efficiency, you can manage your fleet in-house, by providing everything that your long haulers need to keep their loads on the road. Aside from providing all of the fuel and lubricants your fleet may need, delivered right to your shop, we also provide shopfitting services to help you optimize your space and efficiency.

Follow along in today’s post as we discuss one of the features that sets us apart from most other fuel distributors — shopfitting services.

Shopfitting Services at Reeder Distributors

At Reeder Distributors, we are proud to offer a concept-to-completion approach to our shopfitting services. This means that from helping you to develop the basic idea to the finished product of a functioning shop, Reeder Distributors is with you all the way. Here’s how our service works.

Site Improvement & Development Recommendations

If you already have a location or even an operating shop, Reeder Distributors can help you create plans for the site to be improved or added to in order to increase productivity and make the space more efficient. Improvements that may need to be made include concrete repairs, insulation, or electrical and mechanical upgrades. If no shop space exists yet, we can help you decide what is needed to make the perfect shop for your needs.

CAD Layout & Design Consultation

Computer-aided draft (CAD) layout helps shop owners to visualize the design project and make any modifications before the work is actually done. This is important because it allows the design team and the shop owners to understand what the layout will look like and identify potential concerns. This also clients to “try out” various materials and colors for flooring, walls, and machinery. At Reeder Distributors, we help with everything from concept to completing the final drawings.

Shop Flow Analysis for Optimal Layout, Equipment & Systems Placement

Too many shops operate on what exists and workers just deal with working around equipment and “make do.” With the support of Reeder Distributors and our shop flow analysis and equipment and systems placement services can help you to optimize layout to improve shop flow and efficiency of the shop workers. If you are dealing with a new shop, once we have developed the CAD layout, we can conduct a flow analysis based on the work that will be performed and the number of employees you staff. Adjustments can easily be made until you have a layout that both works and is within your budget.

Turnkey Equipment Solutions for all Vehicle Service Applications

No matter how tight or open the shop space you are working with is, our team can help to find equipment solutions that help make your shop more efficient. From prefabricated vehicle service applications to custom fabricated machinery, Reeder Distributors is well versed on creating a shop that maximizes productivity and enhances shop flow.

Complete Project Management on All Items Provided

At Reeder Distributors, we don’t simply make suggestions and recommendations on how to build or optimize your shop, we manage the complete project and oversee the implementation. If we suggested it, we will manage the execution. We know that you have the responsibility to your fleet and drivers, so we manage the shop building or renovation project for you. This helps eliminate your headaches and the stress of dealing with different contractors and negotiating workflow. We will communicate consistently to keep you informed of the progress.

Extended Warranty & Service Support

Once your project is complete, you can rest assured with an extended warranty and service support on the machinery and equipment used. If there are any issues, we serve as a point of contact to follow-up so that you don’t have to worry. If we don’t offer the services ourselves, we can help to locate the contractor that does. We guarantee all the work that our company does and will work to correct any problems — avoid the frustration of working with several other companies that may not still be in business when things go wrong.

If you are looking into reorganizing or expanding your shop, or you don’t currently have a shop but know that it would help make your company more efficient, contact Reeder Distributors to find out just how simple getting an efficient shop for your fleet really is. When you contact us, we will get started with our shopfitting services to meet your needs. From the conception of the idea to completion of the project, you’ve got an expert team on your side. Contact one of our shopfitting experts today!