Reeder knows Diesel. Period.

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We Know Diesel

We also know that the diesel industry is continuously changing and in order for us to advance, we must constantly learn and educate our team. Reeder requires our sales representatives to complete multiple trainings and certifications to stay up to date on our products and howthey work. We want to provide our customers with valuable knowledge and insight to help improve their operations.

Xtreme Diesel

We believe our customers deserve premium fuels for their business needs. That’s why we’ve become a Certified Power Service Xtreme Diesel Distributor. Power Service maintains high standards for certified companies like Reeder Distributors. As part of our certification, we pledge to perform regular tank testing, submit fuel samples for testing, go to trainings, and treat fuel with Power Service’s quality diesel additives.

Wholesale Fuel

Reeder Distributors has a reputation in the market for being the premier solution for wholesale fuel in Texas and Oklahoma, featuring our Xtreme Diesel program. We’ve got the capability to deliver fuel from 500 to 9000 gallons for either permanent or temporary fuel tank solutions. Industries like agriculture, construction, government, and trucking trusts Reeder for their wholesale fuel needs.

Fuel Management Systems

What does it mean to manage your fuel? It means monitoring your fuel product to prevent theft and drive profit. Reeder Distributors offers a variety of ways to monitor your fuel usage. We offer tools by brands like Fuelmaster and Datapak FloWrangler, so you can easily monitor your fuel usage in real-time data, set up automated deliveries, unauthorized usage alerts, delivery alerts, and much more to assure that your fuel is in the right place, at the right time. Our monitors have proven to be reliable and can withstand harsh conditions in the fields.

Product Explanation

Did you know that contaminated fuel will dramatically impair the performance and efficiency of the fuel? Water, dirt, and algae are just a few examples of contaminants that could be hindering your operation. At Reeder, we do everything we can to thoroughly clean and remove these particles from our fuel. Once the cleaning process is complete, we use Clear Diesel and Bioclean to dehydrate the tank and remove any algae present. To stay proactive, we take fuel samples twice a year to make sure we don’t have any microbial growth or residual moisture. By taking these steps, we are verifying that we are providing quality products and cutting-edge fuel to our clients.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

If you require DEF for your business, trust Reeder Distributors to give you the most current, highest quality products on the market. Our trained DEF specialists can share MSDS and data sheets immediately for you to review, and send along a free quote. Additionally, customers can purchase their DEF in cased goods, for convenience, or purchase a wide range of other chemicals, like windshield wash and Kerosene. Keep your shop running with DEF from Reeder.

Job Site Fueling

Reeder provides job site equipment fueling. We can schedule routine diesel fuel deliveries, or deliver diesel on demand. We offer safe, reliable mobile construction site fueling services to keep your equipment running at all times. Our fuel experts will handle everything—from equipment, to scheduling, to delivery right to your site—so your crew can focus on getting the job done. Our tanks carry both on and off-road diesel, and our fueling site consumption ranges from 500 to 15,000 gallons each day. No matter the job, we have the tank size and solution to your construction fuel needs.

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Fuel Tank Management

Twice a year—as part of our Xtreme Diesel Program—we pull fuel samples from our bulk storage facility to test for the presence of microbial contamination. This gives our fuel experts a head-start, enabling us to address problems before they become yours. On and off-road diesel, diesel clean, locking capabilities and no rental fees are only a few of the benefits you receive when you partner with Reeder for your fuel tank management needs. We offer our customers free tank testing, so that you can know exactly what’s going on inside your tank. With recertification training twice a year with Power Service Products, we can ensure that your tanks are being treated with the highest quality of cutting-edge fuel and preventative maintenance.

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