The Reeder Fleet Card is an effective fuel control solution for all fleet managers. The possibilities are nearly limitless. Minimizing fuel slippage (errors, theft, loss, etc.), through superior management systems, including the Reeder Fleet Card, means management has their finger on the pulse of fuel usage and can limit losses and improve the bottomline.


The Reeder Fleet Card Gives You Actionable Information

  • Fuel Type so you know that the right fuel is being used
  • Gallons Per Transaction so you can track fuel usage
  • Transactions Per Day so you can
  • Time of Day so you can improve driver habits
  • Days of the Week so you know where every drop is going
  • Odometer Entry so you can track fuel efficiency
  • Email Alerts to keep you informed on anomalies

Gain Control of Fuel Usage and Limit Waste

  • Can be set up with individual driver & vehicle controls
  • Cards can be customized and to gain tighter control over fleet fueling
  • Identify problems with employee habits
  • Knowing details of consumption allows for positive, informed changes

The Reeder Fleet Card Gives Flexibility

  • You can access a network of 230,000 gas and diesel sites
  • Drivers can use up to 90% of fueling locations nationwide
  • You can opt to use just your own private sites
  • Drivers can use truck stops and retail stations

Outstanding Customer Service

  • We can assist you with selecting the purchase controls to be used for various employees, branches, departments or fleet divisions.
  • We add another layer of security with our fraud detection alerts that notify you if suspect activity occurs on your card so that you can respond immediately.
  • All driver and vehicle transactions with your cards are available online to simplify driver monitoring.

Our team of experts can help you implement a solution that fits your requirements for fleet fuel cards and delivers maximum value for your fleet fueling budget. We’re available to answer questions and consult with you every step of the way.

We can help you with a program that puts you on the right track.