Protect your assets and keep your employees on the road when you use fleet cards. Fleet cards allow your company to monitor expenses and prevents your employees from having to pay up front and be reimbursed later. Reeder Distributors is proud to offer a fleet card service that benefits both business owners and their drivers.

Tune into our fleet card blog to learn everything you need to know about fleet cards and how they benefit you and your drivers. Blogs will cover topics that will help you save money and help your drivers have better experiences on the road. For all of your fuel management needs, contact Reeder Distributors today!

  1. Why You Should Implement Fleet Cards

    There are a number of challenges associated with running your fleet business, which is just a part of operating something with so many moving pieces. You also rely heavily on your drivers to know what they’re doing and be active problem solvers while they’re out on the roads encountering obstacl…Read More

  2. What is a Fleet Card?

    Why Would a Fleet Card Benefit You? Fleet cards are similar to credit cards in that they are a way for your employees to pay for items. What is great about a fleet card is that they are small, fit in your wallet, and are able to help manage expenses made by your employees. As a business owner, this …Read More

  3. Fun Car Facts, Part 1

    Here at Reeder Distributors, we help fleet operators across Texas and Oklahoma manage their fleet vehicles with our Reeder fleet cards. Cars run the world, literally; we couldn't sustain our current population without our major transportation networks. To celebrate all of the drivers out there keepi…Read More

  4. How To Create A Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Plan

    Running a business is a huge deal; most of the time, there is work for ten and you're the only one available to do it. That is why it is so important to have plans and contingencies for every little detail necessary for running your business. If you manage a fleet of vehicles, preparing a maintenanc…Read More

  5. The Reeder Fleet Card Gives You Actionable Information

    You’ve come to rely on Reeder Distributors for everything from your bulk diesel fuel and bulk lubricant deliveries to planning, design, and upkeep of your shop, and now we have added another product to the family of outstanding Reeder products and services. We now offer a customizable fleet card s…Read More