Since 1973, Reeder Distributors has been providing Texas with premium fuel delivery options. Whether you require bulk diesel fuel deliveries to keep your trucking company running smooth or you need premium racing fuels, we are your go-to fuel delivery company!

Tune into our fuel delivery blog to learn everything that you need to know about diesel and fuel delivery service options. Our blogs include topics, such as wholesale delivery options, fuel management, fuel tank testing and treatment, and various fuel types and their uses.

  1. Getting Out of the Mud

    If you are looking to get fuel fast, we offer fuel delivery for fleet drivers all through the state of Texas. If you want to take part of the hassle of fleet maintenance off of your plate, give us a call. We sometimes like to give some helpful tips to drivers in our articles. Here, we thought we’d…Read More

  2. Tips for Choosing a Fleet Mechanic

    Do you run a commercial fleet? If so, here at Reeder Distributors, we offer bulk lubricant, DEF & Chemicals, and fuel delivery in Texas. We know just how hard it is to run any kind of transportation business, so we are proud to offer these services to make the day to day running just a bit easie…Read More

  3. Tips for Driving in the Snow

    For those of you who have experience driving in the snow, you know just how dangerous it can be. If you haven't been exposed to winter driving in snowy conditions much, there are some important cautionary steps that you should take. Here at Reeder Distributors, we offer DEF, lubricant, and fuel deli…Read More

  4. How To Create A Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Plan

    Running a business is a huge deal; most of the time, there is work for ten and you're the only one available to do it. That is why it is so important to have plans and contingencies for every little detail necessary for running your business. If you manage a fleet of vehicles, preparing a maintenanc…Read More

  5. Automatic Transmissions: An Overview

    Here at Reeder Distributors, we sell bulk lubricant and offer fuel delivery across Texas. In that time, we have learned a lot about our vehicles and how they work. We think everybody should educate themselves on the basics of how their vehicle works. You never know, it might come in handy. Here, we …Read More

  6. Alternators: An Overview

    When it comes to our vehicles, we are all a lot more dependent than we may want to think. That's because even if you're not using them commercially, you still need them for work, groceries, dropping the kids off at school, etc. Here at Reeder Distributions, we do our part to keep vehicles moving wit…Read More

  7. Tips for Staying Focused on Long Drives

    Whether for business or pleasure, the long haul road trip is a staple of American life. Almost everyone has experienced a long trip in the car at some point or other, and no matter how enticing or profitable the destination, chances are certain points of that trip were stressful. Staying focused on …Read More

  8. Benefits Of Wholesale Fuel Delivery

    For certain industries, like construction and trucking, a steady supply of fuel is an absolute necessity for to keep your business running smoothly. That's why finding a fuel supply and delivery company you can trust is so important. Here at Reeder Distributors, we've been in the fuel, lubricant, an…Read More

  9. Tips for a Balanced Life as a Trucker

    Reeder Distributors Inc. is a rare animal in the diesel delivery world because we do so much! We go the extra mile to make sure you have what you need, before you need it. Reeder Distributors has been a reliable source for diesel fuel for many industries for over 40 years. Besides timely and valuabl…Read More