Choosing a fuel tank might seem like a straightforward task, but a lot goes behind deciding on the right one. People who don’t know what to look for in a bulk fuel tank often make the buying decision on price alone. This choice can eventually cost you more, especially if you invest in poor-quality bulk fuel tanks. Below are the top five things you should keep in mind when buying a bulk fuel tank to avoid choosing the wrong one.

Tank’s Thickness

A bulk fuel tank is a long-term investment since you won’t be replacing it very often. Hence, go for a tank that will last longer. Look for the tank’s material thickness since it plays a key role in its durability. Also, the material cost contributes to a large chunk of the overall tank cost. It’s best to get a supplier that provides tanks with 1/8 inch aluminum, 12 gauge steel, or 14 gauge stainless steel thickness.

Choose Pressure-Tested Tanks

Always ask your manufacturer to perform leak testing before buying a bulk fuel tank. Don’t hesitate to ask which testing method is used: statistical process control (SPC) or 100% leak testing at 5 psi. SPC is considered less safe since only a few random samples go through a pressure test. Therefore, it’s best to purchase tanks that undergo 100% leak testing to ensure maximum safety.

Specify the Coating

The type of coating on the tank will determine how quickly it will get damaged or corroded by external factors like salt in the sea air. Ask your supplier about the coatings used to protect the tank. Ideally, choose rust-resistant, enamel-based paint or powder coat since it protects the tanks from rust caused by salt.

Ask About Weld Types

Another important factor that can affect the lifespan of your bulk fuel tank is its weld type. If you make the mistake of overlooking the weld type, you may eventually experience problems with your tank due to wear and tear. By then, your warranty may be expired. Superficially, all welds look alike, but choosing tanks with TIG welds instead of MIG welds could help prevent your tank from breaking down over time. That’s because TIG welds are much stronger than MIG welds on aluminum.

Tank’s Appearance

Pay attention to how a tank looks. It should have no scratches, paint drips, dents, or scrapes. If you are getting it customized, such as getting the tank painted in a different color, tell your manufacturer to take care of its look. If anything seems off when it arrives, ask for a replacement. Expect nothing less than 100% satisfaction.

Bulk fuel tanks ensure the safe storage and delivery of fuels, which is why you should never compromise on quality. Even a small quality glitch can cost you a lot. Along with the above five things, you should also inquire about the shipping details and the options your manufacturer offers for size and material types. It will help you make an informed decision when buying a bulk fuel tank.

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