What to Look for in a Bulk Diesel Supplier

bulk Diesel supplierWhen you’re looking for a bulk diesel supplier, having the right distributor can help with efficiency, effectiveness, and profits. In addition, working with a professional, reputable bulk diesel supplier can help ensure that you’re getting the right fuel for your needs. Consider asking the following questions when looking for a bulk diesel supplier in your area.

What Are Your Delivery Areas?

Having a bulk supplier that delivers to your area can help prevent downtime and loss of profits. Ask the supplier if they can deliver to remote or hard to get to areas. You’ll want to ask if you can schedule delivery for your needs, whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly. At Reeder Distributors, Inc., we deliver diesel and other fuels throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We also deliver bulk diesel around Waco, Brady, Big Lake, Village Creek, Kermit, and Spring.

Do You Have a Good Reputation?

Reputation and customer service are vital for any business, and you’ll want to know the reputation of your bulk diesel supplier. At Reeder Distributors, Inc., we have several awards for our exemplary customer service, including the ExxonMobil Circle of Excellence and the Motorcraft Premier Distributor award. Our professional and friendly customer service team takes your order, schedules delivery, and can answer all of your bulk diesel questions.

Do You Follow Federal Compliance Regulations?

Both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) require fuel suppliers and distributors to comply with federal regulations. Also, ratings and regulations required by the FTC include fuel consistent with the supplier’s determination and a letter of certification with each delivery. The EPA has specific requirements for delivery and supplies of diesel and off-road diesel, including certifications of low-sulfur diesel.

Do You Offer Job Site Fueling?

If your business doesn’t have an on-site tank to hold bulk diesel, you’ll want to have a supplier that offers job site fueling. With this service, the distributor can fill your equipment and vehicles as needed at a time that fits your schedule. Job site fueling helps to minimize downtime while increasing productivity. Also, ask if you can get emergency relief for job site fueling during a natural crisis. Our team at Reeder Distributors, Inc. uses analytic tools to help you determine the best time for job site fueling.

Do You Have Competitive Pricing?

As a business, you’re always watching the bottom line, including the pricing of your diesel and off-road diesel. The market and prices of fuel can change rapidly and your bulk supplier may not have control of the changing market. Investing in a bulk diesel contract can help ensure that you won’t be blindsided by skyrocketing fuel prices. Having this type of contract can help guarantee you’ll have a steady source of fuel at the negotiated price.

Asking these questions can help you choose the perfect bulk diesel supplier for your needs. At Reeders Distributors, Inc., we offer bulk diesel, off-road diesel, and Xtreme Diesel within the Fort Worth, Texas, area. We also have bulk lubricants and a variety of fuel options. Contact us today to learn more about our diesel options and supply services.

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