What Is Xtreme Diesel?

What Is Xtreme Diesel? | Fuel pumps. Diesel and the others. Close up.When you and your team have a job to do, you don’t want just any fuel in your equipment and truck’s tanks. You want reliable, high-quality fuel that lasts and doesn’t ruin your engines. That’s where xtreme diesel and diesel additives come in. You may be asking, “What is Xtreme diesel?” Learn more about the features of Xtreme diesel.

What Is Xtreme Diesel?

Xtreme diesel is a form of diesel fortified with high-quality additives from Power Service, the top manufacturer for diesel additives. Thanks to Power Service, this fuel comes with the following additives to keep engines running smoother for longer:

  • Centane Boost: A fuel’s cetane number measures its ignition quality. It boosts this number and improves a vehicle’s miles per gallon by 8%.
  • Slickdiesel Lubricator: This lubricator ensures maximum fuel lubrication to prevent wear and tear on pumps and injectors. 
  • HPCR Detergent: A High-Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) diesel injection system allows engines to produce significantly more power without increasing emissions. This detergent helps rid this system of internal diesel injector deposits that reduce engine efficiency and wear down an engine.
  • Winterized: This additive prevents fuel from freezing or gelling up during frigid temperatures. While these low temperatures may be rare in the Lone Star State, this additive protects your entire fuel system just in case.

It’s these additives that set Xtreme Diesel apart from your average diesel fuel and keep your team’s fleet in top shape.

Benefits of Using Xtreme Diesel

If you’re on the fence about upgrading to Xtreme Diesel fuel, consider the following benefits to using this diesel over any others to help you decide whether it’s the right move for your fleet:

  • Improved combustion in an engine’s cylinders, which can increase starting times and overall efficiency.
  • Improved mileage and fuel economy, which can help your bottom line.
  • Simpler engine and injection maintenance.
  • Reduced costs for non-routine maintenance and repairs.
  • Peace of mind knowing your fleet is running on the absolute best diesel fuel on the market.

Get Xtreme Diesel With Reeder Distributors

Reeder Distributors is the only distributor of Xtreme Diesel in Texas, and we’re proud to offer this fuel option to your business. How did we get and maintain this distinction? We continually meet Power Service’s rigid certification requirements to make sure we meet their high standards and yours.

We regularly treat our diesel fuel throughout the year with these Power Service additives. We also submit to Power Service’s fuel testing to verify the high quality of our fuel. Our technicians are trained and certified to perform semiannual maintenance on our fuel tanks, and we recertify with Power Service’s training twice per year.

When you’re ready to upgrade your fuel and how you manage it, trust Reeder Distributors to get the job done. We can work with you to get the most convenient fueling solutions for your team, no matter how big or small the job. Contact us to learn more about how our fueling services can help your business keep working hard.

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