What Is The Difference Between #1 and #2 Diesel?

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It can be tempting to reach for cheaper fuel when filling up at the gas station, but using the wrong fuel could cause long-term damage. Similar to gasoline, there are two different types of diesel fuel that vehicles can take, #1 diesel or #2 diesel. Some factors to consider when choosing diesel are how long you will be driving, cost, and energy efficiency.

What Is The Difference Between #1 and #2 Diesel?

There are two types of diesel fuel, diesel #1 and diesel #2. The difference between the two types is the cetane rating. The cetane rating determines how hot the engine and fuel can get before the fuel spontaneously combusts. The cetane rating also indicates how easy it is to ignite. Diesel #2 is typically the type of fuel available at gas stations.

Two other differences between #1 diesel and #2 diesel are volatility and viscosity. A higher volatility means the fuel burns slower which is more energy-efficient while driving. Viscosity is the thickness of the diesel, an important factor to consider in the winter months. #1 diesel is better for winter driving because it’s thinner. However, in the summer, diesel #2 is better for engines because it’s thicker and won’t cause problems for an engine.

Which Diesel Do I Choose?

The type of diesel you choose is largely dependent on what you are driving and environmental factors. When driving in cold weather, diesel should have a cetane rating of 10 degrees lower than the coldest temperatures you’ll encounter on your drive. The driver manual for your vehicle will have this information.

Diesel #2 is used for trucks that carry heavy loads, while diesel #1 is used for regular driving. Truckers should use diesel #2 because it’s the best option for driving long distances at consistent speeds. Diesel #2 is also less volatile and gives better fuel economy.

For those in the construction industry, we offer the best diesel for off-road vehicles. Our diesel fuel for off-road vehicles is cost-effective to help you save money on big construction projects. Our top-quality fuels will also help keep your engine running smoothly.

Which Type Of Diesel Fuel Costs Less?

Using premium diesel can help extend the amount of time between fuel refills. Even though diesel #2 costs less, premium diesel is enhanced with added lubricants. This helps reduce friction and keeps the fuel system parts moving efficiently.

The higher the cetane rating, the more expensive the fuel is. You will find that #2 diesel is the least expensive option.

Which Type Of Diesel Is More Energy Efficient?

Diesel fuel is more efficient and safer than gasoline. Diesel delivers 10% more energy per gallon than gasoline. Diesel fuel is known to be safer than gasoline because it doesn’t combust as easily.

Even though gasoline is less expensive, diesel is more energy efficient. Diesel fuel can last longer, which means fewer trips to the gas station.  This is especially true for long journeys on a highway. The difference between diesel #1 and diesel #2 is that the latter doesn’t burn as quickly. The slow-burning #2 diesel is much better for longer journeys on highways.

Whatever you are using fuel for, look for a quality product. When in doubt, choose the more expensive fuel to ensure quality.


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