What Is a Fleet Card Program?

fuel card | Fleet CardTracking what fuel you use, who’s using it, and how much it’s costing you is an important aspect of running a cost-effective and fuel-efficient fleet. That’s where a fleet card program comes in — this program allows you to consolidate the data you need to understand how your fleet uses fuel and simplify how your fleet pays for it. Here’s everything you need to know about joining the program.

What Is a Fleet Card?

A fleet card is a payment card, like a charge or credit card, that businesses can provide to members of their fleet so they can pay for fuel, repairs, maintenance, and more for their work vehicle. Also known as fuel cards, they allow businesses to track fuel consumption and prices on every transaction made with the card.

How Does a Fleet Card Program Work?

A fuel distributor or supplier is typically the one to provide a fleet program to businesses in industries like construction, delivery services, residential and commercial cleaning, maintenance, pest control, HVAC, and many more. In most cases, it can be used for buying fuel for a work vehicle or paying for certain vehicle-related products at convenience stores. That means it’s not quite like a company credit card where your employees have more flexibility in terms of what they’re allowed to purchase with the card.

While the offerings in a fleet card program can vary, some of the key overall features include:

  • Safeguards and surveillance on employee spending.
  • Capability to identify misuse, fraud, or other anomalous transactions.
  • Automatic expense tracking.
  • Detailed reports, including employee-specific data, overall efficiency, fueling trends, and more.
  • Discounts on other items (tires, cell service, etc.) as determined by the company covering the program.

Benefits of Getting a Fleet Card

Fleet cards can be invaluable assets for both small and large companies for the following reasons:

  • You can regularly assess fuel expenditures, determine ways to make fueling habits more efficient, and reduce costs related to fueling.
  • You can better keep track of itemized expenses for fleet equipment.
  • You can streamline the fueling process by giving employees access to this financial tool instead of having them wait for authorization to get maintenance or be sent money to pay for fuel.
  • You can consolidate billing processes by eliminating the need to collect receipts from employees and reimburse them for fleet vehicle-related expenses.
  • You can use the collected data to create guidelines for best fueling practices and take advantage of fuel price trends you notice.
  • You can improve your company budgeting by analyzing spending habits and looking for trends that indicate more money is needed for certain aspects of your fleet.

Join the Fleet Card Program at Reeder Distributors

The Reeder fleet card is powered by Voyager and gives you the tools to manage your fleet’s fuel usage, fueling habits, fuel efficiency, and much more. We also offer convenient online payment options through our secure and easy-to-use payment portal. Contact us today to learn more about how our fleet card program can transform your business’s operations.

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