What are the Benefits of Xtreme Diesel?

benefits of Xtreme Diesel

Diesel fuel packs a lot of power. Anyone who works in an industry involving mechanics probably deals with diesel-fueled engines, since they give that punch needed for a commercial machine. However, there are ways to make your diesel engines run even more powerfully — plus cleaner, better, and stronger. Xtreme diesel utilizes additives to strengthen your engine’s performance and lengthen its life span. Keep reading to learn about some of the benefits of using Reeder Distributor’s Power Service Xtreme diesel: 

Boosted Power

What’s the magic behind our Xtreme Diesel power? Well, maybe a little extra cetane. The Power Service Cetane Boost we add to our fuel gives a little extra kick to the combustion of your cylinders, improving the cetane numbers of the engine. (This number indicates the combustion speed of the fuel and the compression needed for ignition.) Not only does this add to the power your engine puts out, but also to its fuel economy and start speed. So essentially you get more power for less fuel, which makes things easier on your wallet. 

Increased Performance

Not only does Xtreme diesel give your engine more power, but it also increases its performance. We add a little HPCR (High-Pressure Common Rail) detergent to your fuel before it goes into your tank. This additive removes the buildup of internal diesel injector deposits in your engine, kind of like an extra-powerful soap. It effectively streamlines that extra power, ensuring that it doesn’t also negatively impact the environment. Plus, Xtreme diesel performance also contributes to the fuel economy of your engine, helping it run better and longer. 

Lengthened Life Span

Finally, we throw in a couple of extra little things to make your engine last as long as it should and prevent failure due to fuel issues. Slickdiesel Lubricator cuts down on the wear and tear that most diesel fuels cause to the fuel pumps and injectors of the engine. According to Power Service, 44% of all diesel fuels are below the recommended lubrication level, so we at Reeder’s Distribution aim to prevent the otherwise inevitable damage of unlubricated fuel. And for those working in the cold, we also have a winterizing additive, which protects against the freezing or gelling of your fuel, which can cause your engine quite a bit of damage. 

Diesel doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck. As the only provider of Xtreme Diesel in Texas, we aim to improve your engine’s efficiency and fuel economy, as well as reduce maintenance and repairs. Our fuel is certified and tested by Power Service, the best manufacturer of diesel additives out there. You can be sure you’re getting only the best from us. Contact us today for a quote or for more information on how to get our fuel in the safest and easiest way possible. No matter the size of your team, we will help you improve your performance, reduce your expenses, and guarantee that your engines run at their best!

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