What are the Benefits of Premium Diesel Fuel?

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Truck drivers have a few options when fueling up. While the increased cost of choosing premium diesel fuel may be an important factor to consider, there are many benefits that come with using it to fuel your commercial truck.

What Are the Benefits of Premium Diesel Fuel?

You may have heard that premium diesel fuel is better for your commercial truck than standard fuel. There are many benefits that come with using premium diesel fuel, including:

1. Cleaner Engine

One of the biggest benefits of using premium diesel fuel is having a cleaner engine. The detergents inside of premium diesel fuel keep your fuel and mechanical parts clean. They prevent fuel buildup, and this can improve your truck’s overall performance. Diesel fuel can also reduce water levels in the tank by isolating the water for easier removal. This prevents water from moving through the fuel system and causing the corrosion of important mechanical parts.

2. Faster Start-Up

Using premium fuel can also help your engine power up faster. Starting your engine requires a mixture of air and fuel to combust and power the engine. Because premium diesel fuel is made with a higher degree of cetane, it helps your engine combust faster. Cetane is a type of colorless gas that increases combustion. This faster process can also help to maintain truck parts, like your starter and battery, helping them last longer.

3. Better lubrication

Premium diesel fuel offers better lubrication than other fuels, which can reduce friction. This helps reduce wear and tear of important mechanical components, like the fuel pump and injector. This can mean a longer engine life and less maintenance, keeping you on the road for more miles in between repairs. The improved lubrication also helps to prevent the formation of gum and varnish, which can clog filters and lead to an increase in maintenance costs.

4. Reduce deposit buildup

Premium diesel fuel not only keeps your engine cleaner, but it also reduces the number of deposits on the injectors. Deposit buildup can lead to an increased need for repairs and maintenance, which can get costly over time. Because premium diesel fuel also reduces the amount of moisture that makes it into your engine bay, it also means you don’t have to replace your filters as frequently.

5. Improved efficiency

Numerous components of premium diesel fuel make it a more efficient and environmentally friendly choice compared to traditional fuel. Because premium fuel comes with higher levels of cetane, it reduces the level of environmental pollution. Improved efficiency can also affect how often you have to fill up your fuel tank. Fewer trips to the pump can mean cost savings and more time spent on the road.

While premium diesel fuel may come at a higher price than other fuel options, it can be a more cost-effective and efficient choice. When you factor in the savings of fewer trips to the pump, plus lower maintenance and repair costs, premium diesel fuel may be the right choice for you. Wholesale fuel can also help you fill your fleet with premium diesel fuel that’s better for your engines, but at a better price.

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