What Is a Fleet Card Program?

fuel card | Fleet CardTracking what fuel you use, who’s using it, and how much it’s costing you is an important aspect of running a cost-effective and fuel-efficient fleet. That’s where a fleet card program comes in — this program allows you to consolidate the data you need to understand how your fleet uses fuel and simplify how your fleet pays for it. Here’s everything you need to know about joining the program.

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What Is the Difference Between Racing Fuel and Regular Fuel?

Racing Fuel and Regular Fuel | Grey car at gas station being filled with fuelAll fuel isn’t created equal. While you don’t necessarily need to know all the properties of different fuel types before purchasing it, having a basic understanding of these differences may save you money on maintenance costs for your vehicle.

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On-Road and Off-Road Diesel – What’s the difference?

On-Road and Off-Road Diesel | red diesel being poured into a container in a steady streamThere is no chemical difference between on-road and off-road diesel fuels. On-road diesel, also known as clear diesel, can be purchased at the local gas station. Off-road diesel is dyed red and is sold through bulk distributors.

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