What Is The Difference Between Clear And Dyed Diesel?

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Choosing the right diesel for your vehicle can be confusing. Diesel can have different cetane ratings but also different colors. The United States government requires diesel to be sold in one of three ways: clear, red-, or blue-dyed. Before purchasing, it’s important to understand the differences to ensure you are making the right choice for your vehicle and your wallet.

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What Is The Difference Between #1 and #2 Diesel?

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It can be tempting to reach for cheaper fuel when filling up at the gas station, but using the wrong fuel could cause long-term damage. Similar to gasoline, there are two different types of diesel fuel that vehicles can take, #1 diesel or #2 diesel. Some factors to consider when choosing diesel are how long you will be driving, cost, and energy efficiency.

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5 Must-Have Pieces of Fleet Management Equipment

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As any company with a fleet will vouch, fleet management equipment and systems are an integral means for ensuring productive and cost-effective operations. From fuel management to precise monitoring, we’ve emphasized the five essential pieces of fleet management equipment.

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What Does Octane Rating Mean?

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An octane rating determines what kind of gas you need to put in your car. Anytime you pull into a gas station, you will see three different yellow buttons with black numbers on them. These numbers tell you the different octane ratings of gasoline. While most vehicles can take gas with the lowest octane rating, not all do. Knowing the difference and understanding what your vehicle can take is essential to keep it running smoothly.

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Why Is Diesel More Expensive?

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Diesel fuel, often used in commercial vehicles, was not always costlier than the unleaded fuel used in passenger vehicles. Gasoline is a more refined petroleum product than diesel; thus, the production cost of diesel reflects a reduced level of refinement. But why is diesel more expensive? Explore the factors that influence the cost of diesel. 

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What Is Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

diesel exhaust fluid near meDiesel has had a difficult few years, but an extremely popular technology is striving to give this fuel a makeover and keep diesel vehicles viable. The application of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) resulted in a technological milestone. Many of these systems employ diesel exhaust fluid or DEF. So, what exactly is this DEF? Let’s find out.

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Factors That Affect Off-Road Diesel Prices

off-road diesel pricesLately, diesel prices have given us sleepless nights, and filling up the fuel tank for your vehicle has become one of the costliest affairs. However, off-road diesel fuel intended for non-highway usage is still cheaper than its on-road cousin. The difference is only in color; the off-road diesel is red and can fuel your construction equipment, tractor, or generator. 

We’ll help you delve into the factors affecting off-road diesel prices.

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Tips for Starting a Light-Duty Auto Shop

light-duty auto shopRunning a successful automotive repair shop takes dedication and knowledge of the industry. If you want to improve your light-duty auto shop or start a new one, we at Reeder Distributors are here to help. Whether you need to stock your shelves or find loyal customers, we have a few tips to get you started.

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