What Are the Benefits of Voyager Fuel Cards?

Advantages of Voyager Fuel Cards | Person Holding Debit CardWhen you’re managing a fleet of vehicles, you need to keep close control of all costs associated with their operation. Fuel is a major expense for any company with vehicles to manage. That’s why we encourage the use of convenient, budget-friendly fuel cards.

The Voyager fuel card is one of the best options in the industry for managing fuel expenses. With a plethora of customization options, insightful reporting tools, and 24/7 customer service, the Voyager fuel card delivers all the functionality you’re looking for. Here are the benefits we enjoy most.

Ease of Use

Drivers can use the Voyager fuel card at 230,000 locations across the country, making it easy to fuel up at the right time. This card works at Wawa, BP, Shell, Texaco, and other locations. Voyager even offers a convenient mobile app to help drivers find the nearest fueling location. Drivers can also use the Voyager fuel card to handle the cost of maintenance at more than 60,000 service locations. 

Voyager fuel cards are easy to manage on the business end as well. You can set reports to go to multiple business unit levels within your company as needed. The unit that receives the report doesn’t have to be the same one that submits the payment, so you can organize your business activities any way that you see fit.

Improved Fuel Management

Business owners have a plethora of spending controls and reporting tools at their disposal with the Voyager fuel card. You can set different spending limits for each card and limit transactions by the day or month. Exception monitoring will alert you to unusual activity such as purchases in excess of the fuel tank capacity or time of day variances. Insightful reporting tools make it possible to track mile per gallon discrepancies, product variances, and all transactions made to the account.

Exceptions are automatically emailed to key contacts. This includes obvious concerns such as purchase decline notifications, but may also include custom exceptions set to your own parameters. At the point of sale, you can set authorization prompts like the ID, trip, unit, vehicle, or driver number for enhanced security.

You can set up your Voyager fuel cards to deliver the information most important to you. This may include driver reports, vehicle reports, invoice reports, and tax exemption reports. Business management is instantly easier with this tool.

Greater Affordability

The Voyager fuel card has a transparent pricing structure that’s free of hidden fees. Convenient options for tax-exempt organizations are built right into the card for money-saving convenience. With an assortment of card controls, you can also keep a tight rein on how much drivers spend on each card. The Voyager fuel card puts all the essential features for smart money management right in your hand.

If you’re looking for a way to take greater control of your fuel management, we recommend Voyager fuel cards for your company. You’ll get powerful tools that provide complete control over how much each driver spends combined with the versatility and usefulness of a card that’s accepted at thousands of locations around the country.

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