Fleet cards can benefit your business greatly since they provide you with game-changing tools that can help monitor your fleet and control costs. With fleet cards, you can run your business more efficiently irrespective of its size, whether it’s a small crew or hundreds of vehicles. Fleet cards save time and money by allowing you to put guardrails around employee spending, identify potential fraud or misuse, automate and track purchases, and access detailed reports. Below are the top five benefits of fleet cards, other than saving time and money, to help you understand their importance.

Convenience for Drivers

With a fleet card at your disposal, you can stop worrying about not getting fuel easily. Almost every gas station in the country accepts most fleet cards, making it convenient for truck drivers to get fuel as and when needed. It will allow your drivers to reduce the time spent at the pump while increasing security and protecting you against lost or stolen cards.

Automatic Accounting

Fleet cards help you automate the accounting processes, which means you’ll no longer have to collect receipts or reconcile fuel expenses manually. Fleet cards help you monitor spending in real time, allowing you to capture basic purchase information, such as amount, location, fuel grade, sales tax, and more. Moreover, fleet cards capture information accurately, while manual entry can have human errors.

Mobile Access

More and more businesses are now shifting to smartphones to run several business operations since it’s convenient to work on smartphones as and when you want. You can get the same convenience by choosing fleet cards with a mobile app for your business. It will help you keep track of spending, check available credit, pull reports, and make instant payments using your phone.

Enhanced Security

Fleet cards can help your business grow quickly by allowing you to monitor your fuel spending and reduce fraud. You can set your own purchase limits with fleet cards and control how much your employees spend. Not only this, each driver will have to enter a unique driver ID to make a purchase, which will add an extra layer of security and prevent unauthorized use.

Accurate Records and Analytical Reports

One of the major benefits of fleet cards is that they offer a more organized record-keeping system. The information related to the purchase, such as its cost, time, date, location, etc., is just a few clicks away. All you need to do is log in to your account, and that’s all. You’ll get detailed reports for the spending analysis. You can even configure it to sync up automatically with your accounting system.

Other than these major benefits of fleet cards, these cards also provide information like fuel type, gallons per transaction, transactions per day, odometer entry, and email alerts to help you stay informed on anomalies. Say hello to fleet cards and transform your business by gathering essential data about your fleet. Get in touch with us if you need any help or have any queries related to fleet cards. We will be happy to help.

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