Benefits of Diesel for Off-Roading

On-Road and Off-Road Diesel fuel

Off-roading has been gaining a lot of popularity lately. People are increasingly considering off-roading, which is driving on unpaved surfaces such as mud, gravel, rocks, sand, riverbeds, snow, and other natural terrains, for leisure or competitions. With this increased interest, the debate around if diesel is good for off-roading has become more prominent. Off-road diesel is also used for agriculture, construction, and dozens of other industries.

Diesel vehicles don’t have a great reputation for cost and maintenance, but they are better overall, especially for off-roading since they offer better torque, efficiency, longevity, power, mileage, fuel economy, and safety features compared to other fuel engines. Let’s discuss these benefits in detail. 

Off-Road Diesel: Longevity/Durability or Efficiency

Often, people upgrade their cars at around 50,000 miles to save on repair costs. Diesel vehicles, on the other hand, run up to 100,000 miles before they start having any major issues. Diesel engines are designed to withstand pressure, bumps, and bruises, and they are sturdy, tough, and reliable, making them a great pick for off-roading vehicles.

Off-Road Diesel: Miles in Range

Diesel vehicles, especially diesel trucks, offer great mileage since they can go many miles per gallon of fuel. This feature is a win-win for off-roading as it allows you to cover longer distances off-road without worrying about refilling the fuel tank. Most large vehicles typically cover less than 20 miles per gallon, while a heavy diesel vehicle can travel up to 25 or more miles per gallon. Mid- to small-size diesel vehicles can travel over 30 miles per gallon.

Off-Road Diesel: Load Carrying Capacity

Diesel trucks have an edge over gas trucks when it comes to towing because diesel trucks have greater torque and remarkable fuel mileage. Increased torque allows diesel vehicles to use energy and power more efficiently while towing. Also, the distance covered per gallon is better while carrying heavy loads compared to gasoline engines, allowing you to carry more load for your off-road trips.

Off-Road Diesel: Safety

Most diesel trucks come with an exhaust brake that proves to be a lifesaver when you’re towing on a downward incline. These brakes take the pressure and strain off the vehicle and aren’t ruined and burned out easily, even if you keep a steady heavy weight while going downward. Moreover, diesel fuel is less combustible than gasoline, reducing the danger of a fire incident due to fuel overheating. Such a feature is a must-have for off-roading, considering the pressure the engine faces.

Is Diesel Good for Off-Roading? 

Diesel vehicles aren’t ideal for muddy terrain, especially diesel trucks, because they have extra weight on the front end. But, they’re a perfect choice for other off-roading activities, such as trips to a hilly or rocky area.

Off-roading doesn’t require a ton of horsepower to go fast down trails. All you need is good low-speed torque that can help your vehicle crawl along slowly and safely. That’s what diesel vehicles offer. Besides, diesel emits less CO2 emissions, making them more environmentally friendly than gas engines. So, if you’re considering diesel for your next off-road trip, just go for it. We provide tax-free off-road diesel in bulk to help ignite your business. Contact us to learn more.

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