Advantages of Voyager Fuel Cards

Advantages of Voyager Fuel Cards | Person Holding Debit CardGetting fuel to your team is likely one of your top concerns as a business operator or fleet manager. One tool that can make it more straightforward is to sign up for a Voyager Fleet Fuel Card. This card allows fleet members to pay for fuel and related products and services without using a company card or personal money — requiring the fleet member to turn in all receipts to get reimbursed, which could be a logistical nightmare. 

If you’re looking for ways to make fueling your fleet easier, consider the following pros of getting a Voyager Fuel Card to help you determine whether this choice is the right decision for your operation.

Universal Acceptance

More than 230,000 stations across the United States accept a Voyager fleet card. Your fleet members don’t have to be too picky when it comes to finding a gas station in Texas, Oklahoma, or anywhere else that will accept this form of payment. When your fleet member can pay for the fuel at practically any gas station, the individual can spend more time on the road.

Control Over Spending

When you sign up for a Voyager Fuel Card, you get to determine who will receive a card, uses for the card, and how much spending you’ll allow. For example, most Voyager Fuel Card programs enable businesses to choose whether to permit fleet drivers to use the card for fueling or apply the funds for fuel and certain types of vehicle maintenance. This form of control helps you prevent over-fueling, increased spending, and card misuse. 

Flexible Payment Options

Your payment schedule depends on the fuel distributor that manages your Voyager Fleet Fuel Card account. Many distributors bill you every month, while others may require payment every week. However, most fuel distributors allow businesses to pay using a method that works best for them. 

At Reeder Distributors, we let you pay your bill, manage your users, review activity, and set spending limits online through our client services portal.

Detailed Reporting

One of the most valuable parts of having a Voyager Fleet Fuel Card is that the card tracks every transaction and adds it to a detailed report you can access at any time online. You can use the report to check the fuel types purchased, fuel usage, frequency of fueling, fueling trends, and fuel efficiency for your fleet members.

This reporting feature is more straightforward than reviewing multiple receipts from fleet members and using manual fuel consumption tracking on fleet vehicles. It can also give you hard data you can use to assess your fleet’s fueling habits so that you can find ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency. 

Reeder Distributors offers a fleet card through Voyager and Comdata, and we can help you determine which program is better for your business. Plus, you get our exclusive benefits, including high-quality 24/7 customer service. Contact us today to learn more about the process and advantages of the Reeder Distributors fleet card program or to get your application started.

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