5 Fun Facts About Diesel Fuel

 ft worth diesel fuel suppliers In 1892, German engineer, Rudolf Diesel, invented the compression ignition engine. This type of engine requires the use of a specific type of fuel called distillate fuel oil, commonly known as diesel fuel. Long-range transportation trucks, locomotives, construction equipment, and farm vehicles use diesel fuel to help with fuel efficiency and torque. Here are five other interesting facts about diesel fuel.

Diesel Fuel Has Different Classifications 

Diesel comes in several classifications, including 1D and 2D. Each of these classifications has different levels of viscosity and pour-point and is used for different applications. Diesel 1D has a lower viscosity and works well for cold-weather driving. When driving in warmer weather and for general highway use, choose diesel 2D. Another diesel fuel classification is biodiesel, which is manufactured from organic matter.

Off-Road Diesel Is Non-Taxable

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Off-road diesel is chemically the same as conventional diesel. However, the government offers select construction, agriculture, and government vehicles tax-free diesel. Because these vehicles aren’t driving on roads supported by taxed fuel, they’re exempt from taxes. Off-road diesel is dyed red and on-road diesel is green to help differentiate between the two. It’s illegal to use red diesel for on-road driving.

Diesel Fuel Gets Better Gas Mileage Than Gasoline Fuel

Due to the compression-ignition cycle of an engine, diesel engines fire more efficiently. Each gallon of diesel fuel contains more usable energy than gasoline, helping to increase the diesel fuel’s economy. Often, diesel engines get 25% to 30% better fuel economy than gasoline engines. In addition, diesel engines provide higher torque that’s ideal for someone who needs a vehicle with a high towing capacity.

It’s Better To Have Diesel Fuel When Driving at High Altitude

Air is less dense at high altitudes. It has fewer oxygen molecules to help fire combustion, and gasoline engines suffer at high altitudes. Because the firing process is different for diesel engines, they perform more efficiently at higher altitudes. While diesel engines perform better at a high altitude, they do have a decrease in power the higher they drive.

Modern Diesel Engines Run Clean

After the Environmental Protection Agency mandated the use of ultra-low sulfur diesel, the engines run cleaner than in previous years. In the past, diesel once emitted over 3,000 parts per million (ppm) of sulfur, and today, the emission rate of sulfur is below 15 ppm. This reduction of sulfur has dropped harmful emissions by 90% or more.

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