5 Best Fuel Monitoring Systems

best fuel monitoring systemsOne of the most important aspects of running a fleet is fuel management. Thankfully, there are several fuel monitoring systems that allow companies to manage their fuel efficiency. For example, they can track their fuel inventory and fuel usage with these systems. It’s important to understand each of these fuel monitoring systems to determine which is the best for the fleet.


FuelMaster is a fuel management system for fleets by Syntech Systems. This beneficial system includes several useful features, like fuel efficiency tracking, real-time transaction tracking, and fuel measurements and controls. FuelMaster also includes several fueling process methods, such as keypads and proximity cards. This system has a modular design, which makes it easy to use and maintain. Another advantage of FuelMaster is that it offers free training to its distributors and customers.


Gasboy is a comprehensive fuel management system that includes an Energy Knowledge Operating System (EKOS), which automatically tracks transactions and other data, then produces reports effortlessly. This system also has a large selection of vehicle tracking software systems, all of which include reliable services. Gasboy offers several fuel management solutions, including Fuel Truck Controller and CFN PLUS. This system is beneficial for fleet managers who want to track their equipment efficiently.

Petro Vend

Petro Vend is an exceptional fuel management system for customers with many drivers in the fleet. It can have up to 1,000 users, and it has a large selection of features. For example, it includes a variety of key card reader options, several pedestal size options, and various installation and service options. Another advantage of Petro Vend is that it’s compatible with many software solutions, so users can upgrade it with remote data tracking.


FuelForce is a comprehensive fuel monitoring system that includes hardware and software. It also allows users to access wireless communication, which gives them access to all of their fuel data. Another benefit of FuelForce is that it has many customizable features that respond to the fleet’s fueling needs. Some of its features include fuel reporting, simple installation methods, GPS fleet management, and mobile access. It also has multiple user permissions and TankWatch, which is fuel tank monitoring. FuelForce comes with a free demo, and users can contact the sales department for more pricing information.


GIR has been around for longer than most other fuel monitoring systems, which means that it has more insight into what its commercial and industrial customers need. This company always aims to enhance its products to be the best fuel monitoring system on the market. GIR includes several products, such as the TIP/GCA terminal and W100 and W200 web-based software. These products are easy to install, use, and maintain, making it the ideal system for any fleet.

There are several advanced and comprehensive fuel monitoring systems that can help users optimize their fleet. Whether they’re a commercial or industrial customer, there’s an ideal fuel monitoring system that has the best features and products for any fleet. To learn more about fuel monitoring systems, please contact us so we can answer your questions.

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