4 Benefits of Job Site Fueling

fort worth job site diesel fuelingHaving access to fuel is one of the most important factors in running a fleet. Luckily, there are helpful options like job-site refueling that can alleviate the logistical stress that can come from making sure your teams have all the fuel they need when they need it. Here are four benefits of job site fueling to be aware of when considering fuel delivery services for your business.

Less Downtime Leading to Better Operational Efficiency

When your team runs out of fuel, they stop working because they don’t have the supplies they need. This could lead to hours not working, which isn’t great for your business’s budget or deadlines. Plus, unnecessary downtime can eat into labor costs and hurt your bottom line.

However, when your team has all the fuel they need to do their jobs, there’s no downtime to be had. Your team is working hard to get the job done, which can make the most of your business’s time on-site, shorten your business’s operational timelines, and help your bottom line. That’s the benefit of job-site diesel fueling — it’s before your team runs out and while they keep doing a job well done.

More Effective Fuel Inventory and Security

Job-site fueling means bringing the fuel to you and your fleet where you need it, and you can control where the fuel goes and just how much of it each machine gets. With job-site fueling, you don’t have to worry about potential fuel theft or accidental spills because job-site fueling professionals can handle the whole process for your team in a professional, secure, and efficient manner.

Safeguards During Emergencies

National fuel supplies and distribution can be impacted by incoming severe weather events and natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornados, snowstorms, severe thunderstorms, and other emergency events that can extend lines at gas stations and otherwise make it nearly impossible for your team to get the fuel they need. And these events can happen and have happened, in Texas and Oklahoma, too. 

That’s where job-site fueling comes in — companies like Reeder Distributors eliminate having to wait hours or days for fuel and bring it right to your fleet, wherever they may be. 

In addition, the price of fuel can change in an instant, especially before severe weather events. You can safeguard your business from having to deal with severe spikes in costs by opting for a fixed rate from your trusted distributor.

Better Cost-Effectiveness All-Around

When you choose job-site fueling, you can save money spent on:

  • Mileage for vehicles going back and forth from site to fueling station.
  • Maintenance for fleet vehicles due to unnecessary travel to fuel up.
  • Billable hours wasted waiting to get fuel.
  • Paying for fuel that’s not priced competitively.

When considering whether your business needs job-site fueling, it’s important to understand your fleet’s fuel usage, total fuel spend, usage of each type of fuel, and travel patterns. All of this information can help you and the fueling company you partner with, like Reeder Distributors, in determining the best plan for your Texas or Oklahoma business. Contact us to learn more about how our solutions can help you.

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