Reeder Distributors, Inc., established in 1973, has long been recognized as a leading wholesale lubricant distributor in the North Texas area. We proudly serve all of Texas and Oklahoma.

With our extensive bulk and packaged inventories and highly trained staff of lubricant sales specialists, we can assist you in your total lubricants needs.  We have on site Certified L



icant Specialists to guide you in your lubricants search.
For your automotive, aviation, industrial or commercial needs, we will help you find the best lubricant products for your specific requirements.  We have major brand name lubricants along with our private label lubricants to suit every buyer’s requirement for the correct product.
Our staff will conduct equipment surveys on your physical plant to determine your product requirements and the proper schedules to keep your business going strong.Please call and schedule time with one of our experienced professionals to help you get started.

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Package Lubricants

We carry a full line of automotive, commercial, industrial, and much more… Click here to see what we offer!

DEF & Chemicals

as the demand for DEF is Reeder Distributors has the product and facility to keep you running.. Click here to see what we offer!

Bulk Lubricants

Here at Reeder Distributors we have a full fleet of bobtails and package trucks to ensure the you never run out of product… Click here to see what we offer!