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Rockett Brand Racing Fuel is formulated from the finest blend stocks and under strict quality control procedures to guarantee superior engine performance and run consistency, race after race.

For a complete list of product technical and tuning tips, visit us online at, or contact your local dealer.

  1. Rockett Brand 100 Unleaded:

    Racing Fuels100 – Octane street legal racing gasoline formulated for on and off-track use in performance engines with compression ratios of up to 14:1. Rockett Brand 100 is an extremely effective fuel for use in high compression supercharged & turbocharged engines, and engines with engineered nitrous oxide systems.

  2. Rockett Brand 111 Leaded:

    111 – Octane racing gasoline formulated for use in normally aspirated engines with compression ratios as high as 16:1. Used primarily by asphalt and dirt oval track racers, but also offers significant advantages to drag, motorcycle, boat and sports car racers.

  3. Rockett Brand 114 Leaded:

    114 – Octane racing gasoline formulated for use in big block engines with compression ratios up to 16:1, and in small block engines with compression ratios exceeding 16:1. It is the fuel of choice for big block drag and oval track racers, and racers with supercharged or turbocharged engines.

  4. Rockett Brand 118 Leaded:

    118 – Octane racing gasoline formulated for use in extreme, normally aspirated and supercharged/turbocharged racing engines, and by racers with nitrous oxide systems. This fuel works best in applications where there are few restrictions by the sanctioning organizations, and where engines are allowed maximum compression ratio with no limits on boost or nitrous.